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This is the initial step to start with us. We’ll ask you to answer our script questionnaire, and provide relative documents, brand colors, logos, and any ideas you’d like to include in the explainer video.


Using the information provided on the script questionnaire, the information on your website, and the information we gather in our market research, plus any additional information you provide, we go ahead and develop the script. As part of the script development step, our scriptwriter Peter structures the information so that it's organized. And then develops a succinct script that covers all the crucial points of your product and its benefits. This script is developed using our scriptwriting formula that we've used very successfully in previous projects.


Then we start with the voice-audio recording step. Here the voice talent you choose goes into our studio for a recording session. All our voice talents use inflections and a range of tonalities to make the script come alive and engaging while keeping a professional approach. Once the recording is done, we edit the audio-file so it's crisp and clear, and send it over to you for review and approval.


Our design team then starts on the illustrations step. This is the most exciting step in the production process since we produce custom illustrations, we're able to design and illustrate anything that comes our way, there are no limits to what we can do here. If there are unique designs to your industry, or you have character-design ideas, or illustration ideas that you'd like to include in the explainer video, we're able to translate the ideas into beautiful digital illustrations that we'll include in the explainer video.


Once we make sure you're happy with the storyboard and you approve it, then we move to the animations step. Here we bring your video to life. This step takes us only 7 days to complete. And once the animations are ready, I'll send the video to you in a private link so you're able to review it with your team. If you or your team have any feedback on the animations, we'll take care of them, update the animations as requested, and make sure you're happy with the final version before we finalize the project.


Once you give us the final approval, have no more iteration requests, and you’re fully happy with the explainer video, we send you the link to the downloadable version in a high quality format to start using it.

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