Explain Your Product With This

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In today’s post I want to talk about how much people value their time nowadays and how you can harness that fact and make more sales.

Big shift in topic… but I will tie it back later… For now, enjoy the following thought:

Did you notice that you almost immediately exit out of a website that loads 3 seconds slower than you’re used to?

Or exit out of a website that looks old, confusing and doesn’t get it’s message across quick?

Here’s another one…

Do you know what Uber and Airbnb are all about?
and why people are resorting to them instead of waiting for a cab on sidewalks or for a room at a hotel?

Here’s the common answer to all these questions


Actually… I’m being a bit nice here, giving people credit as if they are making this decision consciously.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes truth.

People are lazy…


it’s not their fault.

We have been exposed to advanced technology for many years… and we’re so used to having things done for us fast

  • Want to watch a movie? stream it while laying on your bed with 1 Click on Netflix.
  • Want to order ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’? 1 Click Order it on Amazon.
  • Need a cab? Uber

You see what I saying?

People don’t want to spend time and effort when doing things, they want things done fast and with minimum effort… and you should take that into consideration when optimizing your website to make more sales.

Having a website with the right, targeted, specific headline. Trust elements. Testimonials. Opt In form above the fold… is effective. But when you get someone who is busy.. and has today’s psychology of ‘give me what I need RIGHT NOW’ when visiting your website, you need to explain everything to them as soon as they land on your website and do anything.

How To Explain Your Product or Service Before Lazy Prospects Have to Put In Any Effort


You probably have been exposed to this before… but there’s a difference between knowing something and REALIZING it!

knowing something is when it’s around you… you’ve been hearing about it for a while, but never took it seriously. Realizing it, is when you ask yourself ‘wow have I been blind this whole time?’

Anyway, let’s get to it.

Why do high converting business websites have a video above the fold?

Have you ever asked that question before?

People are lazy, they get distracted really fast, they want things done for them quickly.

So those business owners are taking these facts into consideration and placing explainer videos onto their websites! Especially above the fold… to capture people’s attentions quickly and get their message across while keeping prospects engaged.

Here are some interesting statistics about explainer videos:

  • “1 Minute of video conveys the value of 1.8 Million words” – James Mcquivey, Foresster
  • “70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium” – Marketing Profs
  • “Users are 64% more likely to make a purchase, or enquiry, if a website has video” – ComScore

With animated explainer video you have freedom in expressing what you’re about using animation.

And this type is the most popular out there!

So there you go, I highly recommend you look into having an explainer video on your website. Or even better, above the fold… so it’s the first thing visitors see once they land on your page and get sucked into your brand.

That’s it for today!

Talk soon.

– Suleyman Dolaev